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12 Beautiful Lakes in Ladakh | The List of Popular & Unexplored Lakes to Visit in Ladakh

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Ladakh is a land full of mountains, valleys, flora, and gorgeous lakes. The sight is simply awe-inspiring and peaceful to see the blue shiny water reflecting the clear skies and mountains.

Leh indeed has become popular for many reasons and one of which is to embark upon an enthralling journey, rugged terrain only to behold a sight of the gorgeous glorifying lake in Leh so soul-satisfying.

Ladakh is a natural marvel, the snow-capped mountain on the backdrop, and the majestic view from the top, their temping cuisine everything seems to shape it as a destination worth a visit.

What’s special and oddly satisfying about lakes in Leh Ladakh is their simplicity yet charm appearance that’s found nowhere else but here. These lakes have an alluring landscape, a view that gives us a perspective beyond imaginations.

These lakes in Ladakh are an integral part of your Ladakh tourism, playing a central role in blessing the land with divine colors that appears to be vibrant and eye-soothing.

One can not miss visiting these lakes as they are a vital part of your Ladakh trip. So pack your bags and embark upon a journey that is challenging yet worth your spirit.

The List of Popular & Unexplored Lakes in Ladakh

1. Pangong Tso | Most visited lakes in Ladakh

Pangong lake

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The surreal clean blue water, calm and breathtaking ambiance and a vast expansion found at Pangong Tso lake are incomparable. At an elevation of 14,270 feet lies this majestic crystal clear lake which is the heart of all Ladakh tourism.

It is a 12 km long lake situated in the laps of India and China with a view of the high peaks covered with snow and the reflection of clear skies on the lake creating a magical illusion.

It covers 225 km from Leh to reach this divine location that offers a picturesque landscape where one can do photoshoot, bird watching, and experience how the color changes of the lake.

The temperature here ranges from -30 degrees to -10 degrees and being this salty, the lake still gets frozen like a thick ice sheet. The brackish lake appears to look different throughout the day from crystal clear blue to green and even grey.

Who hasn’t seen the famous Bollywood movie, 3 idiots? You will be surprised to know that the shooting of the last iconic scene of the movie is shot at Pangong Lake. Thus it has made a position to stay in the list of famous lakes in Leh Ladakh.

One can’t find a single reason not to visit this gorgeous heavenly location. It will leave you stunned and mesmerized to see this charmingly attractive lake being just as simple as it could be yet stealing your heart.

2. Tso Moriri Lake | High Altitude lakes in Ladakh

Tso Moriri Lake

Source: kshathriya – Under Creative Commons license

The mountain lake is another popular one in the list of famous lakes in Leh Ladakh located in the northern India state of Jammu and Kashmir. This gorgeous lake manages to skip your heartbeat the moment you witness it on your first sight.

Situated 4595 meters above sea level, and covering 28km in length, the calm, tranquil, and serene location will please your soul and take you to a world where nature is dominated.

You will find yourself surrounded by migratory birds flying above your head, gorgeous mountain views and the changing hues of the Tso Moriri lake will leave you speechless. It is an ideal offbeat travel destination for visitors who love to explore untouched lands.

You will capture a frame that will be staying in your mind for a lifetime, situated roughly 220km from Leh, this secret hidden gem is a must to visit destination.

In the cold desert land of Ladakh, this mesmerizing lake will make you fall in love. You will be lost in the charming presence, the colors of Ladakh will be right in front of you, and it is a pleasant sight to behold.

One can also enjoy camping near the Tso Moriri Leh, it gives a very vivid perspective to life that you will experience only in Ladakh. Out of many lakes in Ladakh, this is sure to steal your eyes and heart both at the same time.

3. Kyun Tso and Ryul Tso | The Twin lakes in Ladakh

These two lakes are said to be twin lakes in Ladakh or Chilling Tso and are quite popular for a reason.

Situated at an elevation of about 5000 meters above the sea level, the shimmering blue lakes are going to steal your heart and eyes just right.

These lakes are marvelous, with a sight so satisfying and relaxing that will give you the much-needed break you were looking for for so long.

Kyun Tso and Ryul Tso are pristine & famous lakes in Ladakh nestled in the lapse of hills and are ideally meant for adventure geeks to explore.

The journey to this destination requires a hard and challenging road to cover.

Out of all the obstacles and challenges, one will witness a view worth spending your energy. As the sun rays fall on the lake, the shimmering and shiny appearance will make you go awe in the beauty.

There are no words to describe how beautiful Ladakh is and this lake is one prominent reason adding its own charm to making the location worth visiting.

Enjoy clicking pictures and spending time at the nature-filled destination. It is a journey worth remembering, full of surprises, and the lake adding all it could to enhance your trip.

4. Chagar Tso | Secret Lakes in Leh Ladakh

Located on the route to Pangong Tso from Leh, this is one of the small lakes in Ladakh which adds to the majestic beauty of Ladakh. The sparkling texture of the lake is because of the glacier water in it.

Due to the lack of popularity, you can witness the place being divine, peaceful, less crowded and it is a perfect way to relax your soul and give yourself a break from the chaotic life.

From a long car drive, relish yourself by sitting near the bank of the lake and enjoying a pleasant view of nature.

It is like you are connected to nature a little more, with the voice of the birds chirping above, and the calmness that intensifies its beauty.

Chagar Tso is again a natural art, a heaven on earth, that is splendid and garnished with the beauty that is beyond words. It is a place that particularly fulfills your wishes of enjoying the soothness of Leh.

Also if you are searching for positive energy and vibes, you will get ample of it here. The shiny lake has a lot in store for you that you will discover only when you witness it.

5. Lang Tso and Stat Tso

Other popular twin lakes in Leh Ladakh are Lang Tso and Stat Tso situated in the Zanskar region, just closer to the Pensi La pass can be witnessed in Tandem with the pass.

It is an enchanting blue lake with snow-capped mountains just situated right behind the lake making it an exclusive sight.

One can consider it as two small hidden heaven lakes in Ladakh situated closer to each other and are divine, pure, untouched because of lack of popularity.

Give your eyes a treat, and your mind the much-needed peace, visiting these twin lakes will be a lifetime experience.

It is like discovering a land unknown, surrounded by a view of hills that looks majestic.

There are many lakes in Leh Ladakh, each with its unique presence, each with a unique purpose. Every lake has a different view, a perspective, Lang Tso and Stat Tso are going to make you feel you are somewhere

6. Tso Kar Lake | The White Lake

Tso Kar Lake

Source: zuki12 – Under Creative Commons license

The superb masterpiece of nature, Tso Kar lake is a divine, saline lake situated in the southern part of Ladakh in the Rupshu Valley.

It is the most popular attraction amongst tourists for its depth and attractiveness that it possesses.

At an elevation of 14700 feet, the marshland plays a huge role in inviting migratory birds to be a part of the natural beauty. Thus making it an environmental importance site to cherish.

For nature lovers, the migratory birds laying eggs and creating a unique habitat and atmosphere will be the best things to witness.

Out of many lakes in Ladakh, this is strongly protected due to its ecological importance.

You will love how it gives you a reason to enjoy nature with a full swing, being simple yet attractive in its own possible ways.

It is also said to be the twin lakes in Ladakh as it connects a small stream called Startsapuk located in the southwest end.

One unique point of interest here is, its western part is salty whereas the eastern part is freshwater. Owing to the uniqueness there are a number of other things that will blow your mind.

One can also witness a place little far away from the lake lands where nomadic tribes have placed their home and settled.

It is going to give you a typical Ladakhi experience that is very basic yet so different for us.

7. Yarab Tso Lake | Holy lakes in Ladakh

Situated in Nubra Valley, near Panamik village, a must to visit a destination, to give your eyes a treat, soul the peace and yourself the fresh breeze.

The stillness, greenery, and snow-capped mountain around send out fragrance so pleasing.

The air being pure, magnificent, relishing your mind and soul just perfectly. It is like a destination that gives you the much-needed break and captures a vision of Leh that makes you want to stay here forever.

The steep mountain cliff view and peaks are perfectly adored here, along with the shiny lake that reflects the image crystal clear.

It ranks in the list and is amongst the highest lakes in Ladakh, which is a journey challenging yet admirable.

Also, it is not just a lake for the locals, they connect this lake as a holy spot of God which is especially for Hindus devoted to the Hindu Leh Legend.

For an offbeat, spiritual, and adventuresome experience, there is no better place than Yarab Tso lake. It will make you connect spiritually as well as open doors to new visions and views.

One of the lakes in Ladakh that will leave you awe-inspiring and connect you to the outer world too.

8. Mirpal Tso

One of the secret lakes in Ladakh is the Mirpal Tso, a shimmering water body, nestled in the lapse of the brown mountains, giving a view so admirable and soul-satisfying.

To describe the glory of this lake, Tranquillity, and seclusion are best fitted to describe how amazing one can feel, lost in nature but never want to get out of it.

The southern end of the lake is freshwater and the surrounding is sandy white, it is different from other lakes you witness, that’s the best part of Leh in Ladakh, you will never find the same.

For an isolated experience, visiting this lake makes sense as it is located in Chushul and gives you a challenging rugged experience to reach this destination.

Only a few eyes have witnessed this one of the hidden and prominent lakes in Ladakh and if you visit it you will realize how great your trip to Ladakh has been so far.

It is adventurous, a sight that solitudes silence but with a journey worth remembering. This is one amongst the popular lakes in Ladakh that gives a vision so different that you haven’t experienced elsewhere.

9. Thadsangkaru Tso (Kiagar Tso)

Kiagar Tso

Source: kshathriya – Under Creative Commons license

Located on your route to Tso Moriri lake is a strikingly spectacular spot Thadsangkaru Tso. Being surrounded by nomadic tribes and located in the Changthang plateau of Leh region.

It is a location that you will value throughout your lifetime, because of the breathtaking landscape, the shining lake, and the peace that is offered truly incomparable.

The Chang pass is also witnessed near the lake which adds to the beauty of it, making it appear unique and interesting in its own possible ways.

This brackish water lake gets frequent visits of yaks you can spot bathing carelessly in the lake, adding it to be the perfect natural habitat for not just the birds but the surrounding fauna too.

The enchanting landscape and picturesque view will be the best spot to click the amazing pictures and add memorable experiences in your journey to Leh. Capture the loveliness of snow-clad mountains and experience an unearthly feeling.

You will be mesmerized and lost in the beauty so much so that time will pass but you still don’t feel like leaving the dight. Kiagar Tso is another one in the list of gorgeous hidden lakes in Leh Ladakh which is worth visiting.

10. Nyak Tso

Nyak Tso is the small, serene, and one amongst the delightful lakes in Ladakh, Himalayas. It doesn’t fall under the Indian border but in Tibet 30 kilometers away from Rudog in Ladakh. Although reaching the place is a little complicated considering the divisional boundaries.

You will be in love with the place as it will reward you with a pleasant picturesque and natural beauty which is a divine peace and soul-satisfying experience in itself.

Nestled in the middle of mighty mountain and cliff, this lake is an extraordinary view, worth your time and money, and an experience to cherish for years to come.

The photographic body and the and a stunning shimmering lake view will leave you speechless.

Many travelers who love to explore the hidden and unexplored lands love to witness the lake because of its oddly satisfying beauty.

If you wish to seek peace, calmness, and tranquility in your trip to Ladakh, this gorgeous Nyak Tso will fulfill all your wishes and be the best host.

11. Yaye Tso | Lesser-Known lakes in Ladakh

On your route of Mahe – Hora La – Kaksang La – Chusul, you will witness a heart-shaped, gorgeous, and extremely odd-looking volcanic lake named Yaye Tso.

This lake is as interesting as it is named as and looks highly weird like a volcano is about to pop out in between the brown mountains.

It is visible on the Hora la pass and driving to this spot is simple, but the gorgeous lake has a lot in store for the tourist, with not just the glorifying views but a vibe that couldn’t be defined in words.

Also to visit nearby is the Yaye village and a monastery, so you can have a whole day trip to the spot and enjoy the small but nature-filled day to treat your eyes.

This one of the magnificent lakes in Ladakh has quicksand around, which you might not witness before, so be careful while moving around.

The road from Mahe to Hora La is greatly built and needs no permit.

There are many ways to reach the lake, with too many shortcuts, and your journey will be very pleasing. Out of the many famous lakes in Leh Ladakh, this lake has its own charisma and attraction of the shape of a heart.

12. Startsapuk Tso | Small lakes in Ladakh

Startsapuk Tso

Source: mikealex – Under Creative Commons license

A small yet divine lake very close to Tso Kar is Startsapuk Tso, offering a beautiful cloudy view and mighty brown mountain in the background.

It gives you a feel of a movie on heaven, so unrealistic yet so real and divine.

This place is said to be the home to Changpa nomads. It is a breathtaking isolated location, where you will see different shades and contrasting colors.

With the small patch of green, brown mountains and blue lake, and color-changing sky you will see all the shades of Ladakh right in front of your eyes.

Tso Kar lake is also connected with the Startsapuk Tso through an inlet stream situated at the southwest end. So peaceful, divine, and a natural marvel, adding itself in the list of famous lakes in Ladakh, Ladakh for a reason.

During the snow, you will see a very gorgeous vision of the lake, with a white frozen bed and in spring it is completely mind-blowing to witness so many colors of nature.

Visit lakes in Ladakh to enhance your trip

I hope you are now aware of the lesser-known as well as quite popular lakes in Ladakh. Your journey to finding the eye-soothing and famous lakes in Leh Ladakh ends here.

Your trip will be a big hit if you visit these spots and add amazing experiences with you. Each place has a unique charm, charisma, and a presence so satisfying that you will take back with you and remember for years.

Ladakh is a land that will take you to a location, that convinces your mind that you are away from the world and to a different land. Visiting lakes will add vivid experiences and vibrant colors on your trip.

If you have visited these famous lakes in Ladakh, do share your experience with us. Also, if you have been to any other unexplored lakes and destinations in Ladakh not mentioned here, we would love to know your views.

Do share with us which are your favorite 2 lakes in Ladakh amongst all mentioned above. We will love to read the comment section and learn your story.

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