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Ultimate Guide for India to Thailand by Road via Myanmar further to Singapore

We have created a video on India to Myanmar | Thailand | Singapore Road Trip on Bike. Watch the video below to know more in detail about the route, things to carry, important details to remember, places to visit and a lot more.

Cross country motorcycle riding becomes just a dream to many motorcyclists. Similar to a novel on the shelf that’s there for so long and is waiting for a reader to read. A passionate bike rider dreams aren’t just limited to exploring places within the country border but far beyond that. This enthusiasm and craze are the 2 qualities that make a rider differ from the normal us. But what’s stopping most of the rider?

Is it just about the courage or unbreakable thought between you can and you will?

If you are reading this, it means that you have planned to successfully kick start your cross country road trip or to be precise, your first cross country bike trip. You can plan your next enthralling journey from India to Thailand via Myanmar further till Singapore.

Of course, it doesn’t sound impossible to an enthusiastic rider but there may be too many things running in your mind at the moment, Right?

Don’t Worry, we’ll cover it all for you 🙂

India to Myanmar | Thailand | Singapore journey by road/bike trip is around 7000 km but the total journey will be around 9000 km. Truly exciting and thrillful ride with rugged challenging and scenic breathtaking views. You get to experience everything from Off-roading, Hills, Rain, Forest, 4 lane good highways, Slushy and slippery roads to ancient-looking iron Bridges and many more in a single ride.

There may be many Singapore or Thailand tours from India via flight, but why to fly when you know how to ride! Thailand from India till Singapore road trip/bike ride via Myanmar is wholesome of crossing different countries, exploring unique culture, meeting like-minded people on the way. The best of all is knowing that you are doing something different that only a few have ever done.

Cross country ride is growing now, riders are taking one step ahead of exploring not just India but around the world on their mettle pedals. The cross country ride will definitely not be an easy way to pass every lane of your journey, in fact, it does not even sound easy. But you get to collect crazy tales from this road adventure and those memories you will cherish forever. The rich culture that you will breeze from India to Thailand via Myanmar and different places, cities that you will cover on road is sure to give you some excellent life-changing experiences.

Places to Cover on the Journey from India (Mumbai) to Myanmar | Thailand | Singapore by Road:

Excited to know what all the places you will visit? Here is a detail description of the routes, distance as well as the days required to complete the bike trip from India to Thailand & Singapore via Myanmar and Malaysia.

  • Day 1: Mumbai to Indore (Approx 600 km)
  • Day 2: Indore to Jhansi (Approx 550 km)
  • Day 3: Jhansi to Gorakhpur (Approx 600 km)
  • Day 4: Gorakhpur to Siliguri (Approx 650 km)
  • Day 5: Day off (Check your Bike)
  • Day 6: Siliguri to Guwahati (Approx 500 km)
  • Day 7: Guwahati to Kohima (Approx 360 km)
  • Day 8: Kohima to Imphal (Approx 140 km)
  • Day 9: Day off (Bike Servicing Required)
  • Day 10: Imphal to Kale (Myanmar) (Approx 250 km)
  • Day 11: Kale to Monywa (Myanmar) (Approx 250 km)
  • Day 12: Monywa to Mandalay (Approx 140 km)
  • Day 13: Rest day (Check your Bike)
  • Day 14: Mandalay to Bago (Approx 570 km)
  • Day 15: Bago to Hpa-An (Approx 220 km)
  • Day 16: Hpa-An to Tak (Thailand) (Approx 250 km)
  • Day 17: Tak to Bangkok (Thailand) (Approx 440 km)
  • Day 18: Take this day off to explore Bangkok
  • Day 19: Bangkok to Hua Hin (Approx 200 km)
  • Day 20: Hua Hin to Phuket (Thailand) (Approx 650 km)
  • Day 21: Take this day off to explore Phuket and check your bike too
  • Day 22: Phuket to Bukit Kayu Hitam, (Malaysia Approx 500 km)
  • Day 23: Bukit Kayu Hitam to Kuala Lumpur (Approx 380 km)
  • Day 24: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Let’s Begin With the Things to Carry:

Cross country bike trip requires you to be well prepared not just mentally and physically but far more than that. While you enroute on a journey across India, you do need to carry many important things with you that will be required and if you don’t carry them, you will have to head back home sadly. So let’s see what all must-have-items you need to have for your bike trip/ road trip to Thailand from India via Myanmar further to Singapore.

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1: Basic Things

  • License: Always need to carry this so as to show it on every authorized checkpoint. Keep it handy so you can easily hand it over to the officials whenever they ask you.
  • Travel Insurance papers: Travel insurance paper will surely help you in any unforeseen situation that may occur during your bike ride. Also, insurance papers are required to be shown after you cross a few places from India to Myanmar by road and from Myanmar to Thailand, this document may be required for verification.
  • Medicines: If you are on any kind of medication, make sure that you have a good stock of medicines with you, from basic medicines to any chronic issue. Keep a good stock of medicine with you. Also before the start of the journey, you can go for a vaccination to protect yourself from any disease.
  • Motorcycle Documents: If it is your own vehicle don’t forget to carry the details of it, few photocopies of your documents and originals of your vehicle papers including every legal registration papers related to your vehicle. If you have rented the motorcycle, ensure you carry the proof of rental agreements made. This will declare that you owe the vehicle legally. Keep a few copies plus the originals handy with you.
  • Snacks and Water: Long Riding doesn’t mean to take a break after short intervals. You need to take breaks only when there is an emergency, petrol filling. And for resting & having food. Water and snacks have to be stocked up well. So if you are hungry a 2 min halt in between will be easier to fill your needs.

Note: While riding from India to Thailand via Myanmar and then till Singapore, energy to ride and to feel the fit is required throughout the journey. We suggest you carry Protein Bars as well as electrolyte drinks to keep you completely hydrated which is essential. We recommend you to carry packs of Gluten Free Protein Bar.

  • Guidebook of the Country: Entirely depending on Google Maps isn’t always possible. Especially in areas where you don’t get a good internet connection. You may have to communicate with the locals; if their language differs it’s impossible to explain to them where you are heading too. This can become a great rock stone on your ways. So make sure you have a guidebook of the country you are visiting to and through. So you can converse with the locals really well and know about the places that you have planned to visit.
  • Camera and Other Stuff: While crossing different cities, countries, you explore places, meet people, and see special things. This all combines to shaping a bag full of memories. Every place is unique in its own way. The best way you can cherish is by capturing every moment and thus cameras will do the job. With all electronic gadgets, you must carry at least 2 chargers for each. Pack light, don’t take heavy clothes. Shopping can be done anywhere, keep things that are genuinely needed, don’t overstuff your bag. Don’t forget to take rain gears, sunglasses; earplugs, sleeping bag. A backpack may be painful for a long ride to take a luggage bag as an alternate.

2: Important Documents To Carry Without Fail

  • Passport is definitely a must-have in your bag with minimum 6 months of validity from the date of your arrival to the location.
  • With that, you need to have a Visa application form filled completely.
  • Keep a few passport size photos with you and it should be the latest ones with a white background.
  • Your Original credit card along with few photocopies of it & last 6-month credit card details.
  • As you are heading to a different country you need to have their currency with you. So you are required to carry a currency exchange slips of at least 30k.
  • Your 6 months bank statement with original bank seal and a minimum balance of up to 20,000/person.
  • While crossing the border when heading to Myanmar, you can carry Myanmar kyat with you. Also, there are various ATMs available on the way, so simply carry your Visa, Mastercard debit card. Indian Currency is also valid in Myanmar so INR will also work.

3: Must Carry Safety Gear

Rider’s Jacket: The most talked about safe riding accessories is “Rider jacket”. This, not just makes one look classy and cool, but it comes with featuring safety in style. Be it a cold breeze, scorching sun heat or heavy rain showers. Riding jacket can serve all the purpose. Also, this protects the rider’s arm as well as the body. The pocket-friendly jacket can make you keep different kinds of stuff easily like money, phones, earplugs, maps, and other things as well.

Helmet: Without a helmet, a rider is sure to feel incomplete to set out for the journey. Buying a helmet that covers full face is appropriate for long rides, it can act as a shield during different seasons. Different shades that are bright in color with neon appearance can work well especially for night riding purpose.

Boots: Another most important accessory that a rider has to carry for cross riding trip is Boots. Casual sandals or shoes won’t be comfortable at all. Especially on rugged and paved roads, you will feel inconvenience in your riding. Before commencing a journey make sure you buy a good quality pair of boots. You are sure to experience easiness in your journey if you have a comfortable foot while riding.

Armor: In order to protect yourself from any kind of injury, you can buy good quality riding armor. This completely acts as a protective jacket. Though it is not a fast selling accessory, it does play a major role in securing the body part of the rider. You can pick your hands on the carbon fiber material suit that are most appropriate ones while riding. The rider gets easily adjusted with the temperature, get safer from any kind of crash with the riding armor.

Gloves: To protect the rider’s palm and to get the perfect grip on the accelerator, especially on long rides, gloves can be beneficial.

Details To Remember:

  • Indians do need permits for Nagaland and this can be obtained from the Nagaland House.
  • Before you enter Myanmar, you must ensure that you have already applied for a tourist visa on arrival, as it is mandatory from the Myanmar embassy in India. This can be done by directly downloading the online form. To ease your work, there’s a step by step guide provided by the Visa authorities of Myanmar that you can simply refer to, follow the link for further information: https://www.myanmarvisa.com/
  • All the mandatory permission that is required for a rider to ride through Myanmar, takes about 4 weeks at least to obtain. So make sure that you assign and submit the required documents on time and apply for the Visa for India to Myanmar by road as early as possible. Ensure that you have a strict plan of action and also you are following it. Only then you will be able to enjoy your journey and ride through amazing roads & breathtaking scenic experiences with no fear of the documents or legal consideration.
  • For entering Thailand on your own motorcycle, you need to have “Carnet de Passage”, the most essential document. We’ve discussed in depth about Carnet de Passage in the further article.
  • Carnet de Passage will not work for Myanmar, so for that, you need to get a CarNet. To exit and reenter in India, one needs to have a Carnet, while you are traveling from India to Myanmar & Thailand road. CarNet for Bike costs around 50k, whereas 100k for a car to enter Myanmar. To get a Carnet, here’s the link that can help you for the same: http://www.atacarnet.in/how-get-carnet.html
  • Also, ensure that you do proper stamping in all country while entering as well as while you leave. Otherwise, you will face problems in getting back your bank guarantee released for Carnet de Passage.

Carnet De Passage:

What is Carnet de Passage?

It is required in 71 countries, which are the parties to the Customs Convention on ATA Carnet. An internationally recognized Customs document allowing the holder (vehicle owner) to import the vehicle duty-free into countries for a temporary basis, For this you normally require to deposit against import charges for such vehicles. This is like a promise that you make to the official regarding your vehicle. Assuring that you will take back your vehicle out from the country that you have visited.

Who Provides Carnet de Passage In India?

This is not issued by the government department in India but by the Automobile Association of the country, or its affiliate members associations. The Federation of Automobile Associations of India is the authorized member who holds the authority to provide Carnet de Passage. As there are different regions in India, there are different member bodies accordingly. You can approach the associations based on the location where you stay:

You will also be able to issue Carnet through FICCI which is India’s only National Issuing & Guaranteeing Association. You cannot get Carnet from the government thus you have to be dependent on these authorized agencies.

If you have any queries about how to apply for it, you can refer to the following link that provides a step by step guide in depth: https://www.carnetdepassage.org/country/india/

For this, you’ll need to submit the bank guarantee, for this process the amount charged will be around around 200% to 300% of the market value of your vehicle (refundable security deposit).

The fee that you will pay will depend on the value of the vehicle. Fees for a motorbike normally is around 10k to 15k Once your vehicle returns back to India, the bank guarantee gets released by returning back ‘Carnet de Passage’ to the Automobile Association.

If you still have any queries for the same, check this FAQs regarding Carnet de Passage.

Or check ATA Official Indian Website: http://www.atacarnet.in

International Driving Permit:

  • International Driving Permit (IDP) is proven to be the most valuable and even an essential document. It gives motorcyclist the identity of being a legally recognized driver in the country that they are traveling into.
  • This permit is used in many countries including Thailand and Myanmar and through this, you will feel the convenience of renting any vehicle even in your country.
  • For a holiday in Thailand, you will require driver’s license ID of Thai, however, it is possible to drive with your Indian license, but it is highly advisable for a rider to maintain an IDP so as to avoid any legal complications on your journey.
  • India to Myanmar by road highway doesn’t need IDP. But it is advisable, for safety you should carry your International Driver’s Permit because any hassle can arise all of a sudden from the political and official groups of Myanmar.
  • The International permit won’t be considered valid until you have your Indian driving license, so make sure everything is properly assorted at a particular place.
  • To issue an International Driver’s Permit from India, refer to this link: http://www.wiaaindia.com/International_driving_license_permit

Escort Vehicle and Hotel Booking:

  • These two points have to be considered well in advance.
  • Escort Vehicle , as well as hotel pre-booking, are the two most essential things that you have to pay attention to without fail, escort vehicle is necessary and hotels booking in advance will help you ride according to the plan so you can take appropriate halts.
  • These two things you must plan out before setting on your ride, so the whole journey will be hassle-free.
  • The Escort vehicle is mandatory to travel in Myanmar & now it is mandatory for Thailand too. Basically leading your vehicle throughout your ride.
  • Points to Remember: The tour from Myanmar and Thailand has to be escorted by a local and licensed guide only as well as hotel pre-booking for Myanmar is mandatory.
  • Accommodation must be a local hotel, guest houses, and rooms, you are not allowed to do any camping on road.
  • You can’t make decisions for these two factors, on the spot, it has to be pre-planned.

Start Your Ride with these Go-to Tips

  • Before starting your ride, it is important to be prepared not just physically but mentally as well. Cross Country Riding comes with multiple challenges, the roads may not be easy to conquer, the routes may be tricky, the journey may be challenging. But besides all these hurdles you have to keep in mind that no matter what, you will keep riding and with riding, you will ensure that safety on roads as well as your own safety is given due importance.
  • Unlike Rides that you take within the country, India to Thailand via Myanmar further till Singapore, this journey crosses different countries, the language, currency, people, and things will differ a lot. So for this, you have to be prepared well in advance, in short, you must be highly motivated and excited throughout the ride.
  • The network can create barriers, so locals may guide you with the routes, you can carry a travel book to ensure communication is easy with them.
  • Currency exchange must be given top importance, learn the basics of their currency so it can be easier for you to make a petty transaction without any inconvenience.
  • Deciding to launch the plan is easy but taking care of the logistics is the real challenge. Make a good plan for the budget and cross country motorcycle trip cost. This can help you in saving and spending right.
  • Remind yourself every time to Keep the fun consistent throughout the journey, meet new people, communicate, explore, enjoy the roads, live the moment. Accept the hurdles with positivity. Keep a constant touch with your family, Make sure they are updated about your trip. Take breaks if you need one.
  • Eat light everyday before hitting the road, so as to avoid laziness.
  • Assure that the route you pick on your bike ride covers the most scenic view and beautiful surroundings. If your goal is to explore more and more with experiencing the beauty of different countries, pick the route that can serve you both.

Start Your Ride with These Safety Tips:

Sufficient Cash: You must have enough cash with you handy on a road trip and those shouldn’t just be Indian rupees but other currencies as well that will be required on the trip: Myanmar kyat, Thai Baht, Malaysian Ringgit & Singapore dollar.

The Route Map: Depending on the Internet completely for your road trip from India to Thailand till Singapore will be the biggest mistake. So for a safer side, you can carry a route map with you. Also, you can highlight a few places on the map where you can stop by. Resting is essential, you may require days to rest and days to explore the place, so accordingly, you can highlight the places where you can stay for a day or two.

Don’t Over Explore: Riders are an enthusiast as well as courageous, this is why you’ve made a really great decision of riding all the way from India to a different country. This same sporting behavior will create a sense of excitement to explore more and more, cover deserted roads, or pass by isolated areas to reach early or to explore more. This decision may sound exciting but can be highly risky. You are already unaware of the roads, conditions, people as well as the uncertain challenges. So make sure you stick to the plan, riding safe and sticking with the group is a must on a bike trip.

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Mobile Numbers: What if your phone battery dies and you don’t have any scope to refill the battery? Here’s when the phone booth on the road may save your day. Jot down all the necessary phone numbers in a diary that you can maintain for this trip. So in an emergency, you can use the payphone that will be there in the town. Even the locals are friendly they can help you in such situations. Don’t forget to write down the contact details of the travel agency and authority, as you might need to call them any time during the journey.

Reminder to the Authorities: Make few calls to the authorities of Myanmar well in advance, as a reminder to them about your planned road trips to Singapore by Myanmar & Thailand.

Carry Spare Tools: A mechanic may guide you with the detail list of spare tool that will be essential on a long road trip. Also test your bike initially, give your motorcycle for servicing, with this you may be able to eliminate the issues with your bike that may arise on the journey. Though challenges with your motorcycle may be common solely when the roads aren’t normal and very rough. But motorcycle serving will be useful in any way.

Stay Updated with the Political Mess: At times due to the strike and other political matters, the security gets double. This may affect your journey and the planned days for the trip may vary as well. So, ensure that you are aware of the political scenarios of Myanmar as well as Thailand before setting on India to Thailand by road.

Lets start our Day to Day Itinerary

This road trip is divided into 3 part, India to Myanmar, India to Thailand, and India to Singapore.

India to Myanmar by road

On your journey, from India to Thailand via Myanmar further till Singapore, you are sure to encounter some breathtaking landscape and the mixture of different culture. Now without any further ado, let’s begin with the day to day itinerary BforBiker believes could be best to follow for this journey.

Day 1: Mumbai to Indore

Route: Mumbai > Nashik > Dhule

Distance: Approx 600 km

Time Required: 10-12 hours

(Depends upon your average riding speed and amount of stop you are planning to take in between)

The first day begins with a target to Reach Indore from Mumbai via Nashik and Dhule on a bike ride that takes around 12 hours to reach. As the journey is a stretch of minimum 10 hours, you can take fewer breaks here, make sure to eat light before heading, on your first day. There are total 2 roads from Dhule that will take you to Indore. It is appropriate if you stick with the NH52 highway. The roads from this route are mostly good.

There are 4 lanes at almost all the places so you can ride at your convenience. You will find construction work on a fewer road via this route, but it won’t create problems for your riding. Average speed that you can easily maintain on this day is around 80-90 km/h. As it is your first day of riding, you will be fueled up with energy and enthusiasm, so this day won’t create many problems.

Day 2: Indore to Jhansi

Distance: Approx 550 km

Time Required: 10 hours

The road condition on the route from Indore to Jhansi is pretty good too. You will be riding sometime on 4 lanes or 2 lanes as well as single lanes here. Mostly single lanes and 2 lanes are common throughout the route. But overall the roads don’t give much of discomforts. While you are about to reach, around 160 km before Jhansi is a 4 lane good road, so 160 km of the ride can be covered really fast at the end of the day. An average speed of around 60-70 km/h can be easily maintained on this day.

Point to Remember: Start your journey early in the morning, as night riding near Jhansi is highly problematic due to some safety and security concerns. On the way, you will have to cross a few railway crossings too. During the evening hours, heavy traffic may be found on those crossings. So accordingly plan your ride and try to cross mostly before evening so as to avoid heavy loaded traffics that will disbalance your ride schedule.

Day 3: Jhansi to Gorakhpur

Route: Go via Kanpur > Lucknow > Faizabad road

Distance: Approx 600 km

Time Required: 10-12 hours

Start your ride early in Morning, the roads are above average. Mostly 4 lanes around 80% of the ride but not in a perfect condition though. Just after you enter Uttar Pradesh you may see slight discomfort in your riding due to the poor road condition for around 100 km. Beware of the animals that may come across your way especially cows on the highways. The 3rd day rides from Jhansi to Gorakhpur via Kanpur, Lucknow, Faizabad road is a bit of a challenge solely because of the road condition and the sudden complications.

Two major concerns can give you problems while riding are animals on the way creating traffic and drivers & bikers coming from the wrong side of the road that may affect your riding skills. So take extra precautions for the same especially on the 3rd day of riding. Major Traffic can be found in Kanpur and Lucknow city, so try not to enter the city. The best part is Lucknow to Gorakhpur is of 4 lane good roads, so you will feel comfort in riding through this patch. The Average speed of 70-80 km/h can be easily maintained on this day.

Day 4: Gorakhpur to Siliguri

Distance: Approx: 650 km

Time Required: 12-14 hours

The start of the journey on this day (Day 4) is surely going to be easy for you because of the pretty decent road condition and some scenic views to look at. You will find 4 lane good roads at most of the places. The ride from Gorakhpur to Siliguri is of around 12-14 hours, you can take fewer breaks in between due to the riding hours being a little long. Don’t overfill your stomach, you can consume food that gives you enough energy to continue riding sportingly.

Of course, there’s no escape to bad roads in India, so you might have to cross bad stretches too in between. Especially bad roads are found while you enter Bengal but not exceeding to more than 20 km. Overall the roads are preferable, giving the biker a glitch-free riding experience. The Average speed of 60-70 km/h can be easily maintained on this day.


Day 5: A Day Off

You must take this day off at Siliguri. There are a few things that you need to do on a regular basis throughout your journey. First thing: Get your bike checked. Second thing: Take proper power naps & rest. Due to the rough patch, potholes and poor physical condition of the roads, the bike may get few issues. If you continue to ride your bike without servicing, your bike may stop to work smoothly.

In order to avoid hassle free riding, take a halt for the day. You can explore Siliguri for the time being, till your bikes get a proper check and are washed. Enjoy the picturesque tea gardens, visit the market, shop some stuff, eat the local cuisine and sleep enough. But don’t forget, you have to ride the next day.

Day 6: Siliguri to Guwahati

Distance: Approx 500 km

Time Required: 10-12 hours


The first half of the ride will mostly have single lane road. Hills and railway crossing are sure to slower your riding. Also, you will be crossing the famous coronation bridge, you can click a few pictures on the bridge, as it is worth stopping for. The beautiful serene surrounding the bridge is a picture perfect spot. After the bridge is crossed, you will experience bad roads and if it rains you will have to face Slushes too. After around 30 km from the bridge, the roads will become watery smooth.

There are lots of bridges on these roads, so your riding can get better here. The railway parallel to the road will add a lot of fun to your bike trip. There may be some construction work in progress for a few bridges on the route but there’s nothing much to worry about. The best part is, you don’t get to experience much traffic here and 95% of the roads are extremely smooth to ride on.


After the 1st half of the journey is completed, 2 lane and 4 lane roads can be found. The second half is mostly 4 lane roads with few bad stretches in between but still good. Remember, the sun sets soon before 6 pm at this part of India so you have to plan your ride accordingly. Around 1.5 km long is the Brahmaputra River Bridge that you will cross while you enter Guwahati. Permissible speed on this road is around 45 km/h which is simply too low then what you will be riding on. Easily an Average speed of 60-80 km/h can be maintained on this road. Also, beware of cops with speed gun. 🙂

Day 7: Guwahati to Kohima

Distance: Approx 360 km

Time Required: 9-10 hours


On this day you will have to face struggle while riding due to the challenging road condition that will test your riding skills. Especially your off-roading skills will be seen. Remember: One has to make ILP (Inner Line Permit) to enter Nagaland. Ensure that you take NH37 which will go till Nagaon which is a pretty good 4 lane road for around 150 km. After the 150 km patch gets covered up, it’s all single lane till Kohima.


On this route, you will cross some small hills, forests, and multiple villages. The thing that can excite you is the river crossing which is simply eye-soothing to watch but a bit challenging to cross. Around 50 km before Dimapur, the road condition will be bad but later on, it will be worst. 🙂 The roads post-Dimapur will test your off-roading skills. Challenges like Bad road, Slush, rain, water & mud can be found, a common reason for the bike to skid.


Note: Dimapur to Kohima 4 lane highway is under construction but we are not really sure when it will be open.

Day 8: Kohima to Imphal

Distance: Approx 140 km

Time Required: 4-5 hours

Day 8 from Kohima to Imphal, your riding will hardly be for around 5 hours. The reason is that of the challenging and tough roads that you will cross. This day brings another challenging ride experience. You get to discover Single lane bad roads with Hill, slush, and rain that can test your skills yet again. Roads are far better than last day ride but they are still going to give you discomfort. When you enter Manipur the roads get better with 4 lane highway which is preferable for riding smooth and are simply good.

Overall it is still a Tough ride day with 80% rough and off-roading journey. Note: Off-road or adventure bike is highly suggested on this road only then you can face hard stone barriers on your way (not easy but manageable). The Average speed for the day will be very low of around 30-40 km/h. Tiredness and laziness will affect your riding skills once you reach Imphal. So this day you won’t be covering many hours of riding.

Day 9: Another Day Off

Take this day off. You may be wondering why am I asking you take breaks and day off soon after day 5? Siliguri to Imphal will be a rugged, uneven and bumpy ride altogether. And if it rains, the challenge to ride will get even worst. Bike service and cleanup are highly advisable, as your next day will be in a different country. This sounds super cool, and it, in fact, is.

Make sure everything is working systematically. Your motorcycle must be ready to conquer the international roads smoothly. Ensure your bike parts are proper, your motorcycle is in a good working condition and everything is perfect before you kick start to enter the new country. India to Myanmar by road covers all the above destinations and routes. Be ready for the next day as you are soon to enter another country. This is sure to be added to the memory list of your best international road trips so far.

Day 10: Imphal to Kale (Myanmar):

Distance: Approx: 250km

Time Required: 5-6 hours


Highlights Of This Day: The best part of today’s ride is you are going to enter Myanmar a whole different country. Also, Myanmar is a right-hand drive country. As discussed above, you have to take care of Carnet which is flat 50,000 for 2 wheelers. Escorts and pre-hotel booking and the predefined route are also needed. This is a law which is must to follow. India Myanmar road trip is sure to be a journey like never before on your motorcycle.

This day brings different kind of vibes & experiences/challenges that you will monitor throughout your journey. Strict Army patrolling can be seen on the road before the border. Talking about the road condition, they are mostly bad in shape & single lane in the start of your ride till the border. Be prepared to face Rain, wet roads and slush on the route. You will be crossing lots of Narrow and dusty bad shaped bridges. Escort and hotel pre-booking is must so book in advance. Your escort will pick you up after you cross the friendship bridge at Moreh border.


Then the necessary Immigration formalities start to take place at Tamu. Here the visa stamping process is done as well. The Carnet stamping takes place few Km ahead of Tamu. You will pass from single lane road after the border is crossed till Kale. The road quality is average, little bad due to slush and too many iron bridges to cross from. Without needing to take a flight you’ve reached another country by crossing the iron bridges which is simply overwhelming.

Important: You can only enter Myanmar before 10 pm and the whole formality process takes around 1 hour to complete. So make sure you reach the border before 9 pm and in fact, it is even better if you reach here during day time.

Before you enter Myanmar, ensure you have applied for a visa on arrival by downloading the online form. This will make your ride comfortable and stress-free, you won’t have to panic for anything as you have prepared yourself for every piece of document well in advance. A step by step guideline has been provided by the Myanmar Visa authorities: Myanmarvisacorp. Check this out and fill the required details. The visa process may take time so plan accordingly.

Day 11: Kale to Monywa (Myanmar)

Distance: Approx: 250 km

Time Required: 6-7 hours

From Kale to Monywa, a journey of approx 7 hours, is a single lane road with gravel roads to ride on. Usually, this route has less traffic with some rough bridges that need to be crossed. Few of the iron bridges are well maintained but others have a missing plank and other risky issues. You will have to show your off-roading skills here as well due to the slush on the route especially when it rains.

Rain can be one barrier to your riding and due to which you will face slippery roads throughout your journey. So you need to maintain your riding speed accordingly and ride really slow during rain showers. Probably a little challenging ride that will happen this day. Adventurous road trips are what the biker loves the most, Riding on plain simple roads and smooth highways are just too monotonous. Especially when you urge to make your riding experience like never before, sporty and thrillful rides make a lot of learning.


Day 12: Monywa to Mandalay (Myanmar)

Distance: Approx: 140 km

Time Required: 3 hours

Monywa to Mandalay is a journey of 3 hours; this short journey covers a lot of challenging roads yet again. You are sure to cross few Iron Bridges, Some Hills, hard mud and even ride on the single lane road. Usually, we get to see rain showers most of the time here, so if it rains, slush and slippery roads are one major challenge that will create stumbling blocks in your journey. Few kilometers before Mandaya, the roads will slightly get better, far better than the riding you had experience in the initial hours. The best part of this 3 hours journey is the scenic & panoramic sights to see around.

The beautiful surrounding around while you ride will surely make riding experience pleasing enough. The natural beauty covers up the challenging part. Average speed that you will maintain on this day is around 50 km/h. If you start this day riding early in the morning, you will reach Mandalay in the afternoon for sure. So once you reach the desired destination for the day, take some rest. A power nap can make wonders for your future ride, go around have a look at the pretty city, take a shower and brace yourself for the next day.

Day 13: Rest day

Well, the ride so far for a stretch of about 1 week was really hectic. Too many iron bridges to cross, challenging hills to cover and tough riding on single lane road with heavy traffic. Therefore, resting is a must. You can explore Mandalay the royal capital of Myanmar. This place has its own charm. Enjoy the sightseeing, visit Buddhist Pagodas, Monasteries, and Temples.


Ensure that you do a thorough bike checkup before you set out on the ride for next day. Don’t forget to add memories in your list with this road trip to Singapore via Thailand from India by bike. Enjoy and cherish the moment as much as you can. This ride is not like any ride that you’ve had experienced before. So save the memories and now that you’ve covered India to Myanmar so far, you are likely to focus more on India to Thailand by road journey from the next day.

Day 14: Mandalay to Bago (Myanmar)

Distance: 570 km

Time Required: 11-12 hours


Roads from the route to Bago from Mandalay are single lane but they are still good to ride through. Of course, if it rains your riding speed will fluctuate and reduce but that doesn’t really matter much. We highly suggest you start this 14th day of riding early in the morning so you can avoid night riding.

Usually riding from the route at night can be challenging as well as risky. There are not many lights that can give you good vision on the roads, especially if its a remote area. Plus rain showers will create too much of fuss, post evening. The average speed of about 60-70 km/h can be maintained well on this day. Too many glorious & magnificent palaces, Kanbawzathadi golden palace, pagodas will come across your eyesight while you reach Bago.

Day 15: Bago to Hpa-An (Myanmar)

Distance: Approx 220 km

Time Required: 4-5 hours

Now the ride from Bago to Hpa-An is a good short one with Single lane roads. Hpa-An is a beautiful warm city with eye soothing waterfall sights to pass by on the way. Bago itself is a pretty city that attracts a lot of tourists. In short, your overall ride will be really wonderful as you will cover scenic views, beautiful places & pagodas to stop by and visit. The average speed that you can maintain on this day is around 60-70 km/h.

Note: It is highly recommended to halt at Hpa-An as the next day you will be entering Thailand & Mago till Tak, which is going to be a long ride. Especially when you have to cross a border that will take too much of your time due to legal formalities.

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India to Thailand by road

Day 16: Hpa-An to Tak (Thailand)

Distance: Approx 250 km

Time Required: 6-7 hours


Highlights: This day focuses on India to Thailand road trip. Remember that Thailand is a left-hand drive like India and Carnet de Passage is a must to enter Thailand with a motorbike or car. Make it possible to reach Thailand during weekdays as almost everything is shut down during weekends. Plan your ride according to these barriers so you don’t have to regret later.

The feeling of crossing borders, visiting pagodas and riding on to various scenic & narrow routes and finally reaching from India to Thailand today is wholesome of mixed feelings that you will get. Bid farewell to your Escorts as they will leave you at the border and welcome the Thai Escort who will meet you right there. Myanmar and Thai border are connected with a Bridge which is simply nice to cross.


Thailand is a left-hand drive country, so you will have to cross the lane here. Finish up with your Carnet and Immigration process to enter Thailand. The moment you enter Thailand you will feel a bit of relief as the roads are really good with 4 lanes. Totally clean, brilliant. You are sure to experience a blasting ride once you reach Thailand. The average speed of 70-80 km/h can be maintained well.

Day 17: Tak to Bangkok (Thailand)

Distance: Approx 440 km

Time Required: 6-7 hours

This has to be in the list of your one of the best road trips. Tak to Bangkok by bike gives you the vibes like never before. Start your engine and pass through broad roads & beautiful views surrounding your way. A smooth and leisure ride is what you will experience here in Thailand. The average speed of 80-90 km/h can be easily maintained.

Day 18: Day Off to Explore

Finally, you’ve made it from India to Bangkok (Thailand) by road. Today you are free to enjoy this busy beautiful city. Check out what this city has to offer to its tourist. Of course, you’ll be left with too many places to visit. Do taste the Bangkok street food, No doubt Mumbai’s street food is what you may be craving for, but Bangkok won’t let you down at all. With its flavourful sweet and spicy delights to offer and some amazing local cuisine to try out, you will be overfilled with happiness and satisfaction at the end of the day.


India to Bangkok distance by road is around 5200 km. Look at these 4 digit numbers, they are sure to give you goosebumps, aren’t they? The India to Bangkok road trip journey may have taught you a lot of things till now. The further roads may teach you and show you more amazing things that you can take back with you as a lesson, memory or as experience.

Day 19: Bangkok to Hua Hin (Thailand)

Distance: Approx 200 km

Time Required: 3 hours

Hit the pedal, accelerate and begin your next day journey to Hua Hin. Enjoy the countryside fresh air, take some pictures on the route and add some amazing memories that you will cherish life long. The roads from these routes are pretty nice and an average speed of around 80-90 km/h can be easily maintained.

Day 20: Hua Hin to Phuket (Thailand)

Distance: Approx 650 km

Time Required: 9-10 hours


The ride from Hua Hin to Phuket is a comfortable one with roads being really nice to ride on. The average speed of about 70-80 km/h can be easily maintained this day. Enjoy the coastal road ride throughout the journey. It gives you really beautiful vibes with lots of nice beaches to stop by in between. Click some pictures on the beach, enjoy the weather, take a short break, inhale fresh air and continue riding till you reach Phuket.


Day 21: Take This Day Off to Explore Phuket

Phuket has a lot to offer to the tourist, while you explore Phuket make sure you do a complete bike check at first place. Ensure that you don’t get stuck with any kind of bike issues for your next day ride. This exotic Island holds memorable things that you can do for the day. Do visit Phang Nga Bay that has emerald-green waters. Also, monasteries, Wat Chalong temple and other Islands & beaches are some of the places where you can relax and chill.


Day 22: Phuket to Bukit Kayu Hitam ( Malaysia)

Distance: Approx 500 km

Time Required: 7-8 hours

Always dreamt of going Malaysia? Especially on your bike? Well yes! Today is the day when you will enter Malaysia and one of your biggest dreams will come true. Excited? So keep riding! As the roads are really very good, broad ones, you will have a glitch-free riding throughout. The journey is of around 8 hours from Phuket to Bukit Kayu Hitam (Malaysia) and will be covered without any complication. You will experience hassle free riding throughout the day and an average speed of 80-90 km/h can be easily maintained. Malaysia is a Left-hand Drive Country too like India.

Day 23: Bukit Kayu Hitam to Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia)

Distance: Approx 380 km

Time Required: 5-6 hours


Bukit Kayu Hitam is the main border town of the Malaysia-Thailand border. The roads throughout the journey will be amazing and an average speed of 80-90 km/h can be easily maintained on this day. This day you will be reaching Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia renowned for its natural as well as man-made landmarks.


Once you reach Kuala Lumpur, take this day off. Don’t ride much and explore this multicultural place. You will never run short of tourist spots here. There are so many things that you can do and places where you can party, relax as well as chill. Kuala Lumpur offers rich architectural importance. The iconic Petronas Twin Towers are surely on the wish list of many. Colorful China town a paradise for the bargain hunter. Some caves, theme parks, monasteries, and amazing cuisine to end your day with.

India to Singapore by road

Day 24: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Distance: Approx 360 km

Time Required: 4-5 hours


Today is the day when you’ll reach the Final destination Singapore. Roads are way too nice for a rider to feel comfort in riding. An average speed of around 80-90 km/h can be easily maintained on this day too.

Now I ask you to Compare your “India to Singapore by road” v/s “Flight from India to Singapore”. Is the whole feeling similar? Of course not! Altogether different vibes, feelings, happiness and a sense of achievement that you have made it to the final destination. Well, for a biker, the destination doesn’t really matter but the journey does. From crossing different countries, dealing with legal formalities to facing tough roads and exploring various places. Everything is just a feeling, for which words fall short to explain how mesmerizing the journey will be. But it will be worth it! This tour from India to Thailand via Myanmar further till Singapore will leave you astonished for sure, go ahead, plan out this trip so great that it comes under the list of your best international road trips.


India to Singapore bike trip via Thailand & Myanmar dream journey will takes approx 25 days if you follow the above itinerary planned by BforBiker. The 25 days of the journey is a complete pack of adventure, excitement, fun, challenges and a lot of learning.

Shipping The Bike:

Before ending the journey, there is one last important thing to remember, the shipping part. You came all the way riding from India via Myanmar & Thailand to Singapore but while heading back you will have to ship your motorcycle from Singapore back to India. Contact Shipping companies who can import your motorcycle back to your country as it is very necessary. Follow appropriate import procedures, find out the estimated cost associated with shipping and plan accordingly. The cost of transporting the motorcycle differs based on the distance and the need to ensure safety with the transport. The best way to send your bike is via air.

Estimated Cost And Time Required for your India to Myanmar | Thailand | Singapore Road Trip:

NOTE: The Cost mentioned below may vary in response to different conditions. The Currency discussed in the article is INR.

Here is a rough estimate of the cost associated with India to Thailand via Myanmar further till Singapore road trip:

  1. Visa: Applying for Online Visa application form for Myanmar. To know more about Visa costs, visit: https://www.myanmarvisa.com/
  2. CarNet: Around 50k for Myanmar and Carnet de Passage (200% to 300% of your Vehicle value) as a Security for Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  3. Fuel: While considering a Royal Enfield Bike with the Average of 25 km/h – 35 km/h. Around 9000 km will be the approx total ride from India to Singapore via Myanmar & Thailand by road. So it will cost around 30k on the upper side and 25k on the lower side.
  4. Hotel: Assuming 2 people are sharing a single room. Average daily cost per person in a normal AC hotel: 2000 per day which for 25 days will be around 50k.
  5. Food: If we consider spending 1500 per day on food, it will be 37,500 for 25 days.
  6. Bike Maintenance: 3 servicing is suggested for this ride which can cost you around 3k per servicing, considering a Royal Enfield Bike. So the total of around 9k will be spent on bike servicing.
  7. Escort Vehicle in Myanmar: Approx 60k to 70k. This cost can be divided equally for all riders.
  8. Escort Vehicle in Thailand: Approx 120k to 140k. This cost can be divided equally for all riders.
  9. Shipping: Bike Transportation from Singapore to India cost approx 60k -70k. It’s highly advisable not to ride back as riding on the same road is never exciting 🙂
  10. Flight back to India: You flying back to India from Singapore: approx 20k for a direct flight to India.

Total Cost: Around 190k – 200k excluding Carnet, Escort Vehicle, Visa and your flight back from Singapore to India.

Carnet: 50k Flat for Myanmar and 200% to 300% Carnet de Passage of your Vehicle Value for Other Countries.

Eg: Royal Enfield Classic 500cc: 2-year-old.

Approx Cost: 125k after 2 year

Carnet de Passage will be in between 250k – 375k

Escort Vehicle cost will depend on the number of riders in your group.

Eg: If you are a group of 4 riders then

Escort Vehicle Cost for Myanmar per person: 70k/4 = 17.5k

Escort Vehicle Cost for Thailand per person: 140k/4 = 35k

Hope you like the itinerary that BforBiker has prepared for you. It definitely took us a lot of research for weeks to get this reliable information ready for you. We would love to know what you think about this piece of information that we’ve provided to you. Feel free to share your views, feedback, suggestions, questions or even any correction that is required. We will surely look into it and when needed, we will update the content accordingly.

Your valuable comments mean a lot to us. We will ensure to respond to each of your comments as soon as possible. Due to the busy schedule, it takes about 1 to 2 days for a reply. So we request you to be patient enough.

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