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Diskit Nubra Valley Best Travel Guide | A Journey of Monasteries & Valleys

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Diskit Leh, being Nubra Valley’s transit hub, is home to a most iconic monastery, has a sparse population, and is remotely located, with unmatchable beauty. In the silence of the place, hear the pleasant sound of river Shyok prevailing in the area.

The place is decked with monasteries, valleys, and grassland religion, proving it to be the paradise in Ladakh. Experience a perfect escape from chaos to a nature-filled destination.

This destination Diskit, Nubra Valley witnesses tourists in winter & summer seasons, ideally for many reasons. Also, the village is particularly renowned for its huge Buddha monastery, Diskit Gompa, that dates back to the 14th century.

With a mountain valley setting and the old town that reminisces the old cultural heritage of the place is a true destination to wander and feel lost in.

Whether you wish to have a thrill-seeking experience at Diskit Ladakh or a romantic time with your loved one, the natural beauty will help you relish the moments in the lands of local life. For leisure seekers, this place is no less than a soul-satisfying destination. A great place for every tourist!


Diskit, Leh Perched at a huge height of about 10,310 feet above sea level, the stunning view of Nubra Valley can easily be admired. This place is located about 118km from Leh and 7km from Hunder Leh Village. The apricot plantation is found commonly in this area.

To reach Diskit Leh one needs to cover a very exhausting & challenging journey through Khardung La pass, which is falsely claimed to be the highest motorable road. And through Diskit village which itself is a challenge to cross with rugged and dusty roads.

Best time to visit Diskit


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Leh Ladakh tourism is a beautiful destination to explore, but it can be troublesome if you visit during the wrong months. Ladakh has amazing colors to witness, from the white snow-clad mountain to bluish water and brownish landscape.

If you visit it during the summer season, you will have a magnificent view of the destination, with colors that add magic to your life and eyes.

The ideal time to visit Diskit Nubra Valley is from May to September. It is an ideal time, while the weather is pleasant, roads are clear and open however challenging at the same time.


There are so many festivals that happen in Diskit because of the locals who have contributed their part to maintain the culture. Festival like Dosmoche, “scapegoat” is celebrated during January or February.

If you are comfortable visiting the destination during chilled winter and exploring white Ladakh, visiting during this festival will be a great time.

In addition, from November to May, the roads to Ladakh via Manali & Srinagar are closed, due to heavy snowfall roadblock and landslide, So the way to reach during winter is via air to Leh Ladakh and then an adventurous road journey.

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How to Reach Diskit, Nubra Valley

Route: Around 120km from Leh via Khardungla Pass

While visiting Leh, Diskit is a must to explore the destination that covers about 4 to 5 hours of journey and a 120km ride. The road from Leh to Diskit is purely scenic, breathtaking, and enduring to watch. Like a treat to your eyes.

The road passes through South Pullu, which is an army camp and then further to KhardungLa.

You will have a great riding experience on the pass, as it is said to be the most challenging route and the had the title of the highest motorable road in the world.

Further from Khardungla Pass, it goes down towards North Pullu, Khardong Village, till Khalsar Village. The roads will be challenging yet exciting at the same time.

Overall the view will be admirable with few villages to cover in the Diskit route, which gives you a local Ladakhi experience. This journey is mostly about exploring the remote location, spending time like a local but in the lapse of nature.

From Khalsar village, the left part descends to the Diskit Nubra Valley & Hunder villages. While the right branch leads to Panamik Hamlets of Nubra Valley.

Where to Stay

There are ample accommodation facilities near the Diskit Monastery. You can walk around the monasteries and find a perfect hotel, guest house, homestay to enjoy and have a leisure time viewing the mesmerizing mountains through your window.

In the Diskit Ladakh region, the hotels are pretty good and fit in almost every budget. Plus if you wish to add fun in your exploration in Ladakh, stay at camps and tents, they are available in huge numbers during peak season.

There are few hotels and guest houses in Diskit Leh village as well as Hunder village. However, looking at how remote the location is, do not expect grand food or grand amenities to make use of.

In simple words, it is recommended not to think of it as a luxurious trip to Diskit, Ladakh with fine class facilities. As Ladakh is a heaven on earth’s destination, it pleases your soul while you explore the valleys and the soak fresh air, so you will spend maximum time traveling.

Where to Eat

The lip-smacking cuisine of Ladakh is a must-try, their hot super soup, noodles, and Tibetan authentic cuisine is world-famous. You will get ample of food options in Diskit Ladakh, to enjoy on your way, the world’s highest road cafe is quite a popular spot.

One can even enjoy having the local flavors at Dhabas that you’ll find in villages on your way to Diskit. Further, there are ample food joints and great restaurants with authentic flavors of Ladakh.

Enjoy how it pleases your taste bud and that too on an affordable budget.

Things to do in and around Diskit

Diskit Gompa

Source: shicks – Under Creative Commons license

1: Diskit Monastery

Right in the middle of the barren land of Nubra Valley, lies the enchanting, historically important, and the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery known as the Diskit monastery.

Located at an altitude of 3142 meters, the scenic view from the top will leave you in awe.

Reaching Diskit gompa requires you to explore a route from the Diskit village, which is challenging, dusty, and rugged.

The monastery is iconic with a history rooted in itself and has a mesmerizing interior with the Tibetian style frescos and Gompa.

The admirable part of this spot is its Cho Rinpoche (Crowned Buddha) statue adding as a major part of the prayer hall. This milky white monastery is home to many monks and sure to delight your eyes.

2: Maitreya Buddha

Diskit Maitreya Buddha

Source: ashwinkumar – Under Creative Commons license

The 106 ft tall Maitreya Buddha statue has become the major center of attraction of Diskit. Ladakh. It is a Buddha statue, decked up in gold and red, it faces the Shoyk river, towards Pakistan.

This extremely fascinating statue is located right below the Diskit monastery, on the top of the hill, easily accessible by road.

The Maitreya Buddha statue was Consecrated in the year 2010, by the Dalai Lama.

The main purpose behind the statue is delivering significant importance of 3 major intrinsic ideas one is towards the protection of Diskit Village and local people.

Second is towards the prevention of any further war in Pakistan and lastly is towards the promotion of world peace.

3: Hunder Dunes Safari

Who would have imagined high altitude sand dunes in India? Not just that, there’s one side desert land and another side enchanting valley with snow-clad mountains.

Nubra valley desert also is known as the “the desert in the Sky” has gained huge popularity because of its Bactrian camel safari and other adventurous activities performed here.

Hunder Leh Ladakh has a desert mountain and is said to be the coldest desert in India. This particular location gives out the green part of Ladakh with a view that you wouldn’t have imagined existed.

4: Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso lake makes a home in the green valley and surroundings of Sumur village. It is the highest and most sacred Lake in Ladakh, known for his holy appearance and peace.

A sight truly captivating, remote that gives add as a glorying moment in your life.

This lake is said to be a “hidden lake” as it is situated on a high altitude, around 5 km from Diskit Nubra Valley. Far from mainstream traffic and chaos, lies this crystal clear, blue lake, like a heaven on earth.

5: Bactrian Camel Ride or Double Humped Camels Ride

Bactrian Camel Ride

Source: krayker – Under Creative Commons license

Camel safari in Ladakh tourism is very popular, especially at Hunder Sand dune, on the rarest species of double-humped camel called “Bactrian camels”.

Ladakh safaris have brought the extinct camel, back in popularity, as they were well nurtured and protected from going extinct yet again.

It is such a joy to travel through the sand dune, watch a magnificent sun right above your head, and a journey on the double-humped camel.

6: Shyok River

The blue, crystal clear, peaceful, and iconic Shoyk river is a sight to behold. Away from the daily routine life, the magical sound of this flowing river is breathtaking.

It is like a musical melody played in the background while exploring the village.

Sit near the lake, have a great time viewing mountains, admiring nature, flora and fauna surfaced around. The greenery adds unique beauty near the riverside, which is worth a witness spot.

7: Pluck Apples

While you are on a Ladakh trip, the most common fruits you will witness through the journey are apple orchards.

Almost everywhere, especially during Mid August and October, the trees are filled with apples, so enticing and dark red.

While you taste one, you will be lost in the flavors, it’s juicy, fresh and so pure not like the regular apples we eat every day. This is one of the most interesting activities to do in Diskit.

The best part about living in Diskit is, almost every guest house, homestays have got apple trees, so you can pluck it from there.

It will take you back to your old good days where we carelessly climbed on the tree to pluck fruits and sometimes just for fun. Relive those days and add more experience to it, especially when you are surrounded by nature.

8: Local Beer

Chhang Beer in the Leh region is very popular and quite famous for its unique taste and flavorsome touch on your taste buds, so a visit to Diskit is complete with the taste of local beer.

All one can say is never dare to miss the local barley-based beer which is going to help you fight the cold of the place. As well as add some exciting time in your Diskit, Ladakh trip too.

Guesthouses and homestays, that are offered to you by Buddhists provide local beer for tourists to relish their time. For those who had a tiring and exhausting ride, you will love how the day ends well with this enticing beer.

There is no better feeling than sipping the local beer to keep you energetic, and not let you feel the chilling cold during the night time.

9: Star Gaze

Everyone has a dream at least once in their lifetime to stargaze, under the blanket, lying on the wet green grass, or on a rooftop. Isn’t it? Well, this dream doesn’t seem to be impossible especially when you visit Diskit Leh.

The clear sky in the Diskit nightlife can show you a gorgeous milky way right above your head in the sky. It is such a breathtaking experience to witness star twinkling in the sky, not just a few but so many like the sky has worn a diamond blanket.

In fact, if you constantly view the sky, you will also see some stars falling down. Stargazing also is considered to be one of the great activities to do in Diskit Leh Ladakh India.

10: ATV Ride in sand Dunes

Sand dunes are not just meant to give you a camel safari ride, or pleasant sunset experience. There are so many fun and adventurous activities to do too that will give you thrill in your Diskit trip.

ATV ride is a must to experience in the world’s highest sand dune. Firstly who would have thought about deserts in Ladakh, secondly the double-humped camel and now ATV rides?

Diskit Ladakh indeed is a place to fulfill all your memorable wishes and crazy adventures.

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11: Panamik hot spring

On your way, you might notice fewer sections of the lake covered with steam on the top. If you don’t know what it is, you will pass through it.

But if you know it is the hot springs of Ladakh, you will definitely stop by and witness it.

Panamik hot springs are very famous, situated in the small, remote, and isolated village of Panamik. Although this place attracts a huge flow of visitors because of its being the highest battlefield in the world.

However, this place has now gained popularity for its hot sulfur spring. It does stink a little and doesn’t have a pleasant odor, but the spring is very unusual. This will give you a lifetime experience, so do not fail to visit it.

12: Turtuk last village

The northernmost and the last village in Ladakh is Turtuk, the name itself is so interesting and so is the place.

It is nestled in the lap of nature, under snow-clad mountains, gorgeous valleys, and eye-soothing natural habitat surrounding it.

You will ask yourself, how can a remote village in India be so gorgeous?

Almost 205 km from Leh Ladakh, is this picturesque, mesmerizing, and pleasant village that you must witness when in Ladakh.

This place is no less than a sandwich between India and Pakistan, as it is the last village of India.

The remoteness of the village has led to fewer tourist attractions. This can be justified with natural diversity still kept safe, untouched, and pure. You will see the major green colors of Ladakh, especially at this place.

13: Siachen base camp

Good news for adventure seekers, whose main purpose is to witness the land of paradise Diskit Leh in the most challenging manner.

Siachen base camp is for trekkers and hikers who have the only motive to seek a new perspective and vision of their life.

This camp can literally give you new meaning in life. The challenges, hurdles, and the height itself will teach you a lot of things.

But the contribution of beauty, nature-filled throughout, the greenery, snowy mountains everything gives you the motive to climb high.

The place is about a 7-hour drive from Ladakh and located at an altitude of about 11,000 feet. Said rightly that it is the most challenging terrain on earth when you witness it, you will realize it.

14: OP Baba Shrine

If you visit Siachen Base camp, you will also get the opportunity to explore the Op baba shrine. It is said that every place has a story to tell, a secret rooted in itself. Well! Ladakh has a lot.

One of the most popular, positive, and inspiring stories of Ladakh is from the spot “OP baba shrine” Which is named after a soldier named Om Prakash.

The shrine is in honor and was renovated in 2003, on his name called the Shrine of OP Baba.

Diskit, Leh Ladakh’s place is filled with hope, belief, faith, respect, and togetherness. The reason is. Om Prakash was once in charge of Siachen base camp.

The terror of cold at the place increased along with the enemy attack.

He was badly beaten, and was in his worst condition, back during the attack on Malum post. The soldiers now believed that this place is sacred, and OP baba is a guardian angel.

Their guardian angel protects them from the glacier disaster by giving warning and also protects them from enemy attacks.

In respect of him, none of the soldiers, when posted at the spot, drinks alcohol or smoke.

Medical Facilities around Diskit, Leh

There are many medical facilities in Diskit Ladakh, so if one needs any sort of consultation, you can consult a doctor. You can buy medicines too in case of any emergencies.

However, it is best if you do not rely completely on medical facilities at Diskit completely. Make sure you carry a medical kit along with you as it will give you a better traveling experience without stress.

Leh also has some great medical facilities and doctors to consult. However in some parts of Ladakh, the remote areas especially, you won’t find any medical shops, so be prepared with your own.

Mobile Connectivity and Internet

BSNL, as well as airtel connectivity, does work well in Diskit Ladakh. However, in a few of the remote areas where you visit, you will not have any signal.

Apart from these 2 networks, there are no network hopes from any of the sim service providers.

Although Jio is also reaching Ladakh land and in remote locations like Diskit, spreading its signal throughout.

Considering this remote location, which was once the spot for only biker tourists. Now has converted to a family & honeymoon destination as well.

Interestingly, there is an internet cafe as well in the town. So if you are genuinely in need of the internet, enjoy your time there.

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Petrol Pump & ATM

Before you embark upon the journey from Leh to Diskit, make sure you fuel your petrol to full. There are many petrol pumps there, so make sure you do it right away without wasting time.

Do not rely on the route, as there are hardly a few petrol pumps you will spot on the road. It can be risky.

On the other hand, you can also carry some spare fuel with you in case of an emergency on your Diskit journey. One thing people don’t know is, there are local shops that serve petrol too.

However, you must make use of it only when you are in definite need of it. The quality of petrol they use is very low which might not last long.

Useful Information about Diskit


You will be required to provide an ILP (Inner line permit) in order to visit Diskit Ladakh. As it is a village in the Nubra Valley, traveling to the valley requires the permit.

For domestic travelers ILP id required. However, for Foreign tourists, Protected Area permits.

At several points in your journey to Diskit Leh, you will be required to show the permit. If you don’t have one, you will not be able to explore Ladakh, an especially Nubra valley for that matter.

If you wish to obtain it online you can. If you want to obtain it from the Leh office too.

To ensure you get a hassle-free experience in Diskit and other places in the Ladakh region, it is best you prepare yourself from all the much-needed documentation on time.

Tips while visiting Diskit, Nubra valley

  • While you explore the Diskit Nubra Valley monastery, it is important to know that photography is not allowed inside the hall.
  • Please follow the rules mentioned at the monastery, as there are strict charges if you don’t, and before clicking the picture make sure you take permission.
  • Do not rely on internet connectivity in Diskit, the chances are poor. Make your family and friends back at home aware of where you are. This can be done by providing them the itinerary before leaving. So they are aware of where you must be.
  • At Khardung La, on your way to Diskit, do not spend more than 15 minutes, the chances of suffering from ACM and other issues due to low and high altitude fluctuation can cause serious health issues.
  • It is advised to consult a doctor before embarking upon a journey to Diskit, Nubra Valley. As the tedious and vertiginous route can trouble your health badly.
  • Carry a first aid kit along with you to Diskit and other places in Ladakh, because Ladakh’s remote areas, as well as the valley up and down, zig and zag roads, can trouble you anytime.

Diskit: A Peaceful Serene Space

The majestically mighty Maitreya statue, cold desert & the Diskit Gompa is the most iconic attraction to visit on your trip to Diskit.

The panoramic view, an awe-inspiring landscape, gorgeous valley view, and snow-topped mountain. All of it adds to the charming beauty of Diskit Nubra Valley.

You will surely have a great time here and it will provide you the inner peace you needed for so long.

There is no place better than Leh Ladakh to soothe your soul, give you chills and make you a little closer spiritually through the monasteries.

If you have been to the Ladakh region, you surely have had a great time, so share your 2 best experiences that you will never forget about this trip?

If you have any queries regarding Diskit, drop your questions down in the comment section along with the experiences you had. We’ll assure you to reply to you!

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