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Weekend Getaway from Mumbai to Igatpuri, Bike Rides

One of the nearest locations to Mumbai, ‘Igatpuri’ is mostly picked up destination by bikers to enjoy a short and quick weekend getaway. Igatpuri is famous for its scenic beauty and some of the popular meditation centers as well. Being located in Maharashtra the city has an inclination towards Maharashtrian cuisine. Vada Pav is one of the most picked up snack by the riders on trip and is equally chosen by the locals too. South Indian snacks like idlis and dosa are also a chosen snack option by the daily commuters of the city.

The destination is famous for its well-renowned meditation center, ‘Vipassana International Academy’. People who wish to experience few moments of peace and tranquility can visit the meditation center. At a distance of about 35km from Igatpuri the trek lovers can enjoy some trekking on Kalsubai Peak. Girisagar Waterfalls is another point of attraction of the destination located at a distance of about 17 km from the city. ‘Camel Valley’, is accounted to be one of the famous tourist attractions.

Historical Background

Igatpuri is a Hill Station in Nasik District in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This is located in the Western Ghats. Igatpuri is well-known for its Buddhist Pagoda for Meditation termed as Vipassana and Wada Pavs. This place is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra in the month of monsoon. It is a hill station on busy Mumbai-Agra NH-3 only 45 km away from Nasik and 130 km from Mumbai.

Option 1: Mumbai – Thane – Kasara Budruk – Igatpuri

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai)
  • Ending point: Igatpuri (Nashik District)
  • Via: NH160
  • Distance: 119 Kms
  • Duration: Approximately 3 Hrs

The condition of this route is pretty smooth which enables a rider to enjoy his/her trip. It is advisable to set for the journey by dawn as the noon may not soothe a rider’s experience. Being in the proximity of Mumbai the place is often chosen by Mumbaikars. Monsoon is the perfect time to visit the location as it enhances the beauty of the location. The beautiful scenic views of the peaks will surely amaze you.

Places to Stay

Igatpuri is glorified with picturesque beauty and is a promised land for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Igatpuri has very limited places to stay so tourists for most of the part prefer to stay in Villa or Resort. Villa here offers a comfortable well designed to fit the needs of any traveler. The airport is near to drive from the property and beside the airport, you can look for Fort which is also a short car trip away. Having a pleasant and comfortable stay at Resort will help you to explore nature paradise. Every place is well connected with rail and road. A very quiet, beautiful place with a natural view and railway track through mountains; is a treat to timepiece for gazing the delightful nature view through mountains. If visiting during rains it will be worth to every rupee spent on vacation.

Types of Accommodation Available

Get high on camp stay at Igatpuri, which is the excellent campground for those seeking for complete solitude in nature. With the scenic and calm view of the entire place, Igatpuri spreads lush greeneries and pleasant ambiance. The campsite provides a fully equipped clubhouse with a variety of indoor games, swimming pool, and a coffee house. There are various adventure activities performed here are Burma Bridge, zip-line fox climbing and rappelling.

Places to Visit

Vipassana International Academy: Vipassana International Academy is also known as “Dhamma Giri” which is one of the world’s largest meditation centers. This academy offers a 10-day meditation course. All ten-day courses begin in the evening of the first day and end on the early morning of the last day. The center’s pagoda has over 400 cells for personalized meditation.

Vaitarna Dam: Vaitarna Dam in Igatpuri is gravity and earth-fill dam. This place offers a spectacular view of beautiful Western Ghats. The dam, which was build up in the early ’50s, is the chief source of electricity and water for many parts of Mumbai. A lovely lagoon surrounded by thick woods makes this place a must visit in Igatpuri.

Kalsubai: Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra. You can complete this trek within 6-7 hours. The difficulty level of this trek is medium but for the people who are not physically active, it may be moderately difficult. During monsoons, it’s too wet, too muddy, too windy, too cold and too haphazard. But, the feeling after climbing the peak hidden in mist and fog is amazing and the view is enchanting.

Bhatsa River Valley: Bhatsa River Valley is a place where one can view mountain, waterfalls and the dam. It is a pretty much attractive spot which can be viewed from the spot touching Mumbai-Nasik Highway. The Bhatsa River Valley is situated on the plains of the Bhatsa River in the Igatpuri region. It has an extensive wood cover and hills that provide an ideal trekking trail.

Madangad Mountain: Madangad Mountain is a part of the Western Ghats passing through the Igatpuri region. This mountain lies at a height of 4,842 ft. above the main sea level and can be easily identified by seeing a huge hole towards its western side. There is an ancient fort located on this mountain that can be entered by climbing a rope.

One can enjoy the cool breeze and soothing winds in the months of monsoon. The journey is also an advisable one in the months of winter, as the greenery is at its peak.

Places to Eat


One of the best Maharashtrian cottage joint available on highways leading to Mumbai where Street food is really traditional. Batata Vada is a specialty of this region. Pulao and Biryani are considered to be the most rice dishes of this locality, each region showcasing different varieties. You can also try some more snack items like Grapes Chivda, Samosa, Mung Bhajji and different kinds of Chaats.


Enjoy a scrumptious meal every time you go there with a platter full of Maharashtrian Non-Veg Thali. One can also order side dishes like Chicken Curry, Mutton Fry, Fish, Eggs, a bowl full of gravy and serving of rice with onion, and chili paste (thecha).

Best Time to Visit

The best season to visit Igatpuri is winter; February, September, October, November, and December. Igatpuri experiences mixed type of climate a heavy rainfall during June, July, August, and September months. The weather of Igatpuri is favorable along with the best of activities during this particular time. If you are thinking about when to go to Igatpuri then, visit at its best time where you can make a memorable experience without worrying about small issues.

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