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Weekend Getaway from Bangalore to Kannur, Bike Trips, Distance

Living in a busy city like Bangalore calls for a great trip any time you get a break. Not every weekend brings excitements and thrill, there are few planned weekends where you can set out on a journey by bike and make a really memorable experience out of it. Summer heat and scorching sun are the sole reason why we love to spend holidays on a beach. With that said, the beautiful beach destination of Kannur will definitely fit the bill! With its sandy walks and greenery all around, it will be just the break you’ve been longing for since a really long time.

This place is blessed with the serene and natural beauty as well as it’s a vast exporter of handlooms in India, that’s a thing to shop for without fail. An interesting fact is that Bangalore to Kannur bike trip is in the wish list of many bikers residing in Bangalore and even riders from the other cities choose to explore this destination at least once, the reason is that of the journey packed with natural scenes and pleasant climate.

Historical Background

The study of past events of Kannur begins with Mooshaka kings who controlled over Chirakkal and Kasargod region with their dominant metropolis at Mount Eli. At the time of 14th century A. D., this domain empire came to be known as Kolathunad and the rulers here starting knowing as Kolathiris. They became well-known all over covering north Kerala and were the opponent of Zamorins of Kozhikode.

Kannur is a very distant past port town that discovers mention in Greek literature as the port of Naura. In the history of dealing with centuries, Kannur was one of the most significant trading ports on the western coast. Kannur was the strategically main dominant factor and all colonial powers originating with the Portuguese, came after the Dutch and ultimately the British desired the control of this port. When subordinate to the British, Kannur was the third-largest port on the western coast, after following Bombay and Karachi.

The self-determination journey came to Kannur with the perfection of Socialism. Kerala, and predominantly Kannur, politically relates to the government left-leaning, and this district has very powerful worker unions. The evolution of Kannur is moderate, but the city is politically very responsive and energetic.

Here is the Bangalore to Kannur road route that you need to choose from depending upon your plans; you can check the Kannur tourist places map accordingly and then start your journey by bike.

Option 1: Bangalore – Herur – Gonikoppal – Mattannur – Kannur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Police Parade Ground (Kannur, Kerala)
  • Via: Thalaserry – Mysore Road
  • Distance: 353 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 7.5 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Fairly good and well-maintained

If you choose to ride to Kannur from Bangalore, you could use Thalassery-Mysore Road. Bangalore to Kannur road distance from this route stretches over 353 kilometers and will take you approximately 7 and half hours to cover. If you stop for refreshments, it may take longer, but it will make the journey less monotonous.

Option 2: Bangalore -Srirangapatna – Mattannur – Kannur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Police Parade Ground (Kannur, Kerala)
  • Via: Mysore Road and Thalaserry-Mysore Road
  • Distance: 311 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 7 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Fairly good and well-maintained

You could also choose to ride along the combination route of the Mysore Road and the Thalassery-Mysore Road. It will take you approximately 7 hours to cover the 311-kilometer distance depending on your bike, the road, and the weather conditions at the time of the ride.

Option 3: Bangalore – Malavalli – Mattannur – Kannur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Police Parade Ground (Kannur, Kerala)
  • Via: NH948 and Thalaserry – Mysore Rd
  • Distance: 340 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 7.5 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Fairly good and well-maintained

Yet another route that you may opt for is the NH948 and Thalassery-Mysore Kannur Bangalore distance from this Road stretches over a distance of 340 kilometers. Considering that Bangalore to Kannur road from this route is not too bad, it should take approximately 7 and a half hour for you to reach Kannur using this route.

Places to Stay

If you cannot put an amount of time to explore the corners of Kannur in your Kerala vacation itinerary then without any doubt it’s a major miss. The very attractive coastal resorts are deserted in the region of Kannur, also well-known as Cannore, offers an immense amount of time getting into the perfect condition of scenic beauty and a peaceful place for a relaxing vacation. Formed an edge by powerful through the influence of the Eastern Ghats and azure sea, this place appeals the quality of being attractive to a lot of tourists with its flawless beaches and grass-covered palm plantations and a stay at any of the best resorts in Kannur is what makes the holiday having a particular value every bit.

With extremely beautiful views, excellent quality hospitality and culinary great pleasure Kannur is waiting for you to offer luxurious Hotels with great services and top-notch amenities along with Ayurvedic Treatment. A day for celebration in Kerala will make you fill with memories. Event happening especially pristine backwaters with the comfortable pleasant feel of houseboats, lush green hill stations, waterfalls, and plantations of tea and spice, allow one to enjoy in an ayurvedic massage or taste exciting style of foods.

Types of Accommodation Available

With having a good supply of comfortable cozy rooms, delightful Kerala cuisine and Ayurveda therapies; Resort is a significant option for your Kannur holiday. Beaches in Kannur provide traditional cottage belonging to the customs type of accommodation and a large amount of Ayurvedic holistic therapy to all. Kannur offers the peaceful breath-taking sight of the sea, Kannur Villa is put together different parts to form a traditional Kerala style, having the necessary tools with modern amenities that completely satisfy every traveler.

Places to Visit

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

It is one of the frequent and foremost drive-in beaches that not just emphasize India but the world. The Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach stretches over four kilometers of sand and sea, placed into the space that separates Kannur and Thalassery. A drive on the beach is necessary. There are several different viewpoints that a person can look at this beach. You can you’re your bike/car and observe the loud and powerful waves. It is a very pleasant sight to watch the waves hitting the rocks and splashing the water all around the fences roof. With not violent waves and shallow pools, it is fun and a pleasure beach to go for a swim. The beach is good enough to visit anytime during the year but October to May is the best time to visit.

Fort St. Angelos

If you visit Kannur and vacate beyond the historic Fort St. Angelos, then your visit is partially incomplete. Beautiful slang built by the first Portuguese Viceroy in India, Don Francesco de Almeida (1505), St. Angelo’s Fort is surrounded by the most historic sites in Kannur. This enormous triangular reddish clayey material structure is flanked by gigantic bastions that make an impressive sight. People travel to the fort to make one feel relaxed and just glance at the extremely blazing view of the Arabian Sea.

Arakkal Museum

Kannur is affluent and full of enthusiasm landscape that host the great Arakkal Kettu Museum, in an earlier time residence of the only Muslim Royal Family in Kerala, the Arakkal Ali Rajas. Step inside this beautifully built interior architectural marvel and get transported from one place to a different era, with valuable object and articles made by humans adorning the entire building.

The building where objects of historical exhibits arts decorated at times of historical interest and heirlooms of the royal family which comprise the family seal, the wooden box in which grain was stored, document box and many more. The royal printed material of the Holy Quran, an old-fashioned telephone, swords, and daggers referred to things in the past by the rulers, and a telescope is also on display. It is a very important site in the district, as one gain knowledge about the cultural diversity that helps to shape its current form.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by the finest scenic in Kerala. It enjoyably hosts an exciting array of flora and fauna and is a part of the most attractive and pleasing locations in Kannur district. The whole area is spread under the tropical and semi-evergreen forests and is a truly engrossing sight.

One can take hold of the sight of elephants, gaur, sambar, and spotted deer, barking deer, Nilgiri Langur, Hanuman Langur, and the Malabar Giant Squirrel. It is also well recognized for the tremendous amount of butterfly species existing here. Most of these are regularly found to the Western Ghats. The forest is quite pleasant and many trekking alternative choices are available as well. Aralam village houses the famed Central State Farm, a government of India processing to achieve something built in the year 1971. This is one of the most influenced production centers that produce two different coconut seeds in the country.

Bekal Fort

A really Giant fort well spread across 40 acres. Bekal Fort comes under the popular Kannur tourist places list and it’s a 300 years old historical monument which is well preserved by the Keralites. Due to this historical presence, this fort is well protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.


Of course we do visit places to see their beauty and specialty, but one thing that connects us the most is a spiritual belief that remains constant in us, if you want to get connected with peace and tranquility apart from the adventure and fun; do visit Madayipara, renowned for its beautiful temples and mosques. The best part is these religious sculptures remains as a history of this place.

These are the top favorite Kannur places to visit, as a rider, you are free to explore the unexplored roads, encounter new routes, ways, destination, beaches because this place is filled with too many surprising spots.

Things to Eat

Someone who visits Kannur would be able to experience the Varutha Meen (fried fish) Onion Salad. The Unakka Meen (dry shark) Chammanthy is rated well in terms of quantity and on the basis of taste. For a person who does not eat meat, there is the Boiled Beetroot Salad and a mixture of different Vegetable Salad with green leaves. You can also try Spicy strong flavors of Coconut Chammanthy. There are different types of soups available here counting Veg and Non-veg.

It is advised to stick with elite and unique Malabar dishes while enjoying the main course, for you to get pleasure pleasantly while having a wholesome meal. The Nadan Kozhi Biryani (chicken biryani) is a Malabar specialty. This biryani, with a different flavor of coconut, curry leaves, and spices, is completely different when we compare briyani from Hyderabadi biryani.

The Kozhi Coconut Stew (spicy chicken and coconut stew) tastes great containing strong flavors. The soft, pleasantly juicy chicken is improved by the amount of coconut. And fine use of other spices gives a clear mouth-watering aroma. The Kari Meen Porichathu (fried pearl spot fish), spiced with special flavors of chilly, ginger, curry leaves, egg and lemon juice, is a food literally made in paradise. As for the desserts, the Coconut Crepes is a special item for which sensation of flavor is perceived in the mouth. The Palada Payasam with raw mango is the best dish including another specified dish.

Best Time to Visit

Winter is by far the most suitable period of the year to pay a visit to the attracting beauty of the town Kannur. With an appealing and pleasant climate welcoming tourists, weather in this season are the main periods of the year that is a delightful and enjoyable span of time. The temperatures keep rising and falling from13°C and 25°C in winter months. This cooling soul of winter draws attraction of tourists to Kannur during this period of the year. The relaxing and pleasant atmosphere proves flattered traversing through Kannur’s interesting sightseeing prospects. Tourists can consume in gentle calming strolls along the surprising beaches of Kannur.

You may begin your ride in the wee hours of Saturday morning, so as to reach Kannur by late morning, make sure to have a proper check to the Bangalore Kannur road condition before jumping on to the selection of routes. Once there, you can begin by checking out the Kannur Beach, the Kannur lighthouse and the Mappila bay. You will find a number of A/C and non-A/C accommodation options to grab the night’s rest before you begin your Sunday visits to the Sree Sundareswara Temple and the St. Angelo Fort. You can then begin your return ride late in the afternoon to reach back to Bangalore by nighttime.

Get ready to have a whole lot of fun on your next weekend Bangalore to Kannur road trip and a bucket full of great memories.

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